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June 04, 2009


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Terry Norris

Have a great summer and come back refreshed, you deserve a break.


So I guess since you're not going to be occupied blogging, you'll have more time to go to lunch with your friends!

Tanya Plonka

I look forward to the new site... and will miss the new photos in the meantime, but this is a noble (and healthy!) thing you are doing :)

Lisa Lee

I was just logging on to your site.. as I have not visited it for awhile. Lots of changes happen in my studio and I always find a calming energy in your site.

I log-on and the first thing I see is: REFOCUS/09.
Imagine your potential.

ahhhhh, yes. That is exactly what I needed too :-)

Love ya Joe. So glad that our universes collided as I was running late through the hotel halls at WPPI years ago.. your are simply wonderful!

Christopher Lin

Great Idea Joe... Good luck with everything

catherine hall

I am really looking forward to seeing what you do next. You are always above the curve and such an innovative thinker. Enjoy this time off regrouping!

Josiah Freeman

All right, Joe... it's now officially fall! Come back and share your wisdom and insights with us once more!


Summer is way over, it's almost Turkey Time, would love to see you back in the blogging world. Miss looking at your work.

Cathy Crawley

Is summer over yet in SOCAL? I think the caffeine has worn off and I'm having major withdrawals :)


Great site! Will return often!

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