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June 03, 2009


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Hanssie Trainor

I just love the beautiful color of Indian weddings. I am drawn to your image of the rice. It's pretty awesome.

kayleen t.

Wow Joe Photo! Amazing!

Kathleen Trenske

WOWza! What an incredible wedding. I love all the colors, perfect against all the sunshine and water. Excellent job as always Joe!

mike larson, inc.

looks like an awesome fab wedding! I was checking out the surf below!!! Looks like there was some good waves! Hope all is well buddy, have a stellar day.

Terra Dawn

I love all of the bright colors mixed with the pastel colors. I also really like that everyone had their own umbrella. lol. If I get married...that is so going to happen.

Great shots!!!


Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Couple, and Beautiful Scenery.. and you did it all justice... great job brother!

Jules Bianchi

So pretty, Joe! I was there last month and my bride had to get married inside because it RAINED!!

Cathy Crawley

Wow, these are a visual feast for the eyes! Amazing work Joe!

Cosmin Danila

Wow, they do make you look good! Great work!

shane lafever

I like the colors.


love the colours of this wedding...especially love the image of her holding the bangles...

Irene Frankhouse

What an amazing wedding!! I love all the colors.....well done!

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

hey joe, I still have your first instructional video on my shelf. LOL seems like ages ago. Anyway, keep up the great work! I always love checking our your images!

Vancouver wedding photographer

Stunning shots. Such vivid colors!

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